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Lexi Land is a mark-maker and explorer, exhibiting a prolific archive of multimedia work that often synthesises mediums, she uses everything from ash, to coffee, nuts, blood, spit, charcoal and her own body. Ambidextrous, she also works with her feet, teeth and tongue and likes to invent and construct tools made from odd combinations of found objects. Working by candlelight, with eyes closed or in complete darkness, Land captures and records, burns, rips, soaks, peels and heals… drawn to dissecting, distorting and transforming.

She has developed a secret language and symbology that she hides within her drawings and films, but they are mostly found in her existential graphs, diagrammatic visual representations and journals. She is interested in altered states and works in trance, her main inspiration is being alive, questioning reality and the space between, her work is about life, sex and death.

 ‘Art  is not product — but rather a 'Modus Vivendi' Lexi Land

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